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We offer Design and Development services in Protective Packaging Products. SUPERPACKS” drive to move up the value chain has inspired the setting up of a full – fledged Design and Development team for IT and Non-IT sectors. Its research concentrates on developing cost effective packaging solution to ensure total customer satisfaction. Being a proud member of ISTA our access to latest packaging test standards and procedures ensuring adequate protection & cost effective solutions to your products


We provide End to End solutions in Packaging design by evaluating transshipment & handling process from Origin to destination. Our Compact packaging designs ensure cost savings both in terms of material & Volume metric of shipping cartons.


We also offer assistance in shipment testing process &  are in the process of setting up a Testing laboratory as per ISTA guidelines.

  Following are the core service we offer:  
    Customers who wish for swift and optimal packaging design, sample production and evaluation tests.
Customers who want to conduct quantitative evaluation on whether or not their current packaging design is appropriate for actual transportation.
    Customers who want to handle special packaging design (optimal buffering design, vibration-proof design, thermal insulation packaging, dangerous-goods packaging, etc.).
Customers who wish to outsource packaging-related operations to reduce pressure on product designers who also work on packaging design.
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