Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Description:

  • Quality Assurance Engineer will work to ensure manufactured products adhere to the specified quality standards which meets customer expectation
  • The engineer will ensure that the different products leaving manufacturing are fully operational, effective and free from defects.
  • Verifying the quality and performance of the products in addition to troubleshooting the rectification of any existing errors or defects will be the main duties.
  • The engineer will put in place a system to measure production performance and then report on its findings, liaising with managers and staff, and coordinating procedures to address any deficiencies.
  • Formulate quality policies and procedures as well as conducting training on quality concepts and tools
  • Interface with all other engineering components within the company and with customers and suppliers on all quality related issues

Job Responsibilities:

  • Hands-on position that ensures the quality of the parts produced meet all customer expectations
  • Troubleshooting problems or flaws in defective manufactured goods. Quickly and effectively take action when non-conformances are found.
  • Analysing, identifying and implementing manufacturing and/or business process improvements which will improve capability and performance
  • Developing and implementing quality management systems
  • Creating and maintaining company documentation, such as quality manuals, and quality procedures
  • Meeting with members of the production team to offer recommendations and share results
  • Maintaining and controlling calibration records for all test and inspection equipment
  • Applying good manufacturing practice and observing that it is being adhered to
  • Performing tests and measurements using existing measurement equipment
  • Participating in teams to help make necessary improvements and changes to all process related issues in the production department.
  • Facilitate and promote use of appropriate problem solving techniques for effective root cause analysis and successful corrective action.


  • Bachelors degree in Engineering (Manufacturing or Mechanical) or Diploma
  • 5-7 years experience managing a certified quality management system (e.g. ISO).
  • Strong mechanical aptitude (i.e. intuitive understanding of mechanical processes)
  • Proven track record of driving continuous quality improvement in a manufacturing environment
  • Experience in the packaging industry preferred
  • Customer quality assurance experience.
  • Previous audit experience
  • Team player who is a quick learner, and can adapt to a fast paced work environment

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