About the Customer

A leading manufacturer of water purification equipments.

The Context

Our customer’s brand resonated with social and environmental consciousness. It was critical for them to be able to tell their customers about the ethical and environmental friendly practices deployed by them in the packaging of purification products sold.

The Challenge

Operating in a high quality and time conscious business environment, our customer had several seemingly conflicting objectives to be met.


Reduce impact on the environment by reducing wood used
Reduce the production cycle time taken in packing the equipment
Lower the overall packaging cost

The Approach & Solution

We worked closely with the customer and understood their core Objective of Brand Promise.

Reduction in wood meant lower cost, however, it also meant lower strength in the packaging material leading to potential damage to the goods packaged.

We designed a composite packaging solution comprising of wood, paper and expanded PE foam which would substantially reduce the use of wood without compromising on the strength of the packaging material.

The Result/ Benefits to Customer

With our unique custom packaging solution we could help our customer in

  • 75%

    Reduction in Wood Use

  • 250%

    Lower Packaging Time

  • 22%

    Cost Reduction

    (INR 1.2 Mn Annual Saving)

Customer Story

Our customer is delighted with the solution. By using recyclable packaging products thereby
reducing overall packaging cost they could meet their brand promise.

Today, our customer is extremely enthusiastic about our capabilities and has
chosen us, SUPERPACKS to overhaul their packing needs and methods.