About the Customer

Is the world’s largest manufacturer of financial transaction equipments

The Context

Our Customer’s high value, multiple sub-components equipments moved locations and subsequently went through a lean manufacturing and assembling process. Therefore, any solution had to seamlessly integrate with their process.

The Challenge

Challenge was to reduce significant cost by overhauling packaging design for teller machine sub assemblies.


Packaging to maximise space utilization inside shipping containers
Packaging design to integrate with their lean manufacturing process
Ease handling and subsequent distribution of equipments
Significantly lower overall packaging cost

The Approach & Solution

We studied their product model and current packaging methods to recommend and implement a reverse packaging adoption method to achieve multiple objectives.

Redesigned shipping pallets dimensions for optimized container utilization. Designed individual boxes to suit pallet handling, loading and the product packaging conveyor line after assessing product quantity stacking, dynamic load & static load.

Path-breaking packaging design using very little wood and EPE foam to provide extra cushioning and to lock the product movement while transhipment

The Result/ Benefits to Customer

With our unique custom packaging solution we could help our Customer in

  • 69%

    Increase Loading per container

    From 92 to 169 Units

  • 30%

    Packing cycle time

    Align to lean manufacturing process

  • 27%

    Reduction In Cost for Customer

    INR 9.50 million p.a.

Customer Story

Delighted with our solution, Customer has awarded us as the Best vendor award in packaging segment.

Innovative, path-breaking solution design and delivery was key to customer delight.