Composite packaging products are a combination of different packaging materials to form one single solution for a more complex/ unique packaging need.


It has almost unlimited uses in several combinations of material, size and shape. Some packaging may include rigid surfaces along with flexible ones. Some combination may be for protective, some for better handling and some for better display.

For example, it may include primary packaging such as EPE/XLPE/PU foams, a layer of secondary packaging such as a corrugated box and an overall protective layer such as wooden pallet for aggregated box transportation.

Our Offerings

Many turnkey customization options can be designed and delivered for unique product, packing, handling and transportation requirements. Obtaining an integrated packaging solution (one-stop solution) simplifies the supply chain for customers. Customers now do not need to worry about different packaging materials needed for any of the purposes.

We conduct a thorough understanding of requirements and come up with a solution. A solution most often is not a single available packaging material but most likely a composite solution that caters to the need of the customer. It involves using existing material and/ or creating new materials. Some used for outer packaging, others to fortify outer casings, some for better handling, etc.

We find the optimal combination of such material for meeting customer needs of cost reduction, better protection, easier handling, reduced packaging time etc.