Custom Packaging. It is Our Forte.

From point of origination to point of consumption, logistics overcome several challenges to deliver value to stakeholders.

With constant introduction of products across the industry segments we cater to, every product packaging and movement brings with it an opportunity to create something new for our customers, to meet their very specific need-problem statement.

Traditionally, the Packaging Industry has provided standard, off-the shelf offerings across a host of industry segments. This “One-size fits all“ approach, particularly in transport packaging, has often lead to product damage, pilferage, material wastage and increased handling and transportation costs.

We have solved this problem by ensuring every customer receives a high degree of customisation across each of their product lines. To this end, our dedicated Engineering Design & Product Development team offer our customers a comprehensive need-based solution, which is tailored to each product and their transportation environment.

Over the years, we have driven innovation by not only improvising on packaging design, but also by carefully determining the ideal material choice for each application, which enables us to create unique composite products. This approach has helped us position holistic, sustainable improvement solutions across our customer base.

So, while we keep innovating for our customers, we pass our innovations and solutions through rigorous standards and on-ground testing to make it real-world, best-in-class value for our esteemed customers.

Custom Design & Packaging – Process Flow

  • 1. Understanding Customer Requirements

    Many a time, our customers only have a ‘problem statement’ and have not had a clear requirement/ need statement. We look at our existing solutions and product range to determine the best fit. When the requirement is unique, the solutions team explores several options in terms of ideal material and design changes, to suggest best-fit to customers.

  • 2. Packaging Design

    Once the proposal has been mutually agreed upon, we set out to design the packaging and develop the materials needed. A prototype solution is presented.

  • 3. Evaluation of Handling

    The designed solution is put through several rigorous tests such as ‘Evaluation of handling’ to determine the sturdiness and effectiveness of the designed solution. We take into account the entire Transportation Environment that impacts the handling. Gaps, if any are identified and the product may go through several iterations of improvement.

  • 4. Compliance & Regulation

    Next, we take care of all the necessary compliance and regulatory requirements in our manufacturing processes to ensure we are eco-friendly on all our turn-key projects. Compliances such as The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) are done at this stage.

  • 5. Packaging Testing

    Our solutions or products pass through another round of testing with all the parameters of material, needs, handling, quality, regulatory, etc; before moving to final production and delivery/ shipment to customers.