Expanded polyethylene foam or EPE foam packaging, is a semi-rigid, non-cross-linked and closed- cell variety of foam. EPE offers cushioning effect to the product to which it is fitted and is shock absorbent, durable, water & moisture proof. It is nontoxic and resistant to fungi, insects, etc.

  • Thicknesses available: 0.85 mm to 10 mm & above in roll form
    Planks available: 15 mm to 100 mm and higher thicknesses.
  • Widths available: 1 meter or more, depending upon thickness.
  • Customized variants available: with length, width, thickness, density or lamination (e.g. LM/ML) as specified.
  • Colors available: natural, black, or as specified.
  • Special grades available: like fire retardant, anti-static, etc

Being recyclable and eco-friendly helps adhere to EHS guidelines and therefore is allowed to be used for export packaging to EOU’s in IS0 14000 organizations.


It has almost unlimited uses. Its material composition makes it an ideal material to be fabricated and die punched to various shapes and sizes to accommodate delicate and fragile products.


Electronics and computer products and components, engineering components, consumer durables, fragile products like glassware and also mattresses among others.

Our Offerings

  • Foam buffers
  • Foam Corners
  • EPE Fitments
  • EPE Cut-Sheets
  • EPE Pouches
  • Customized Composite packing
Expanded Polyethylene Foam