About Us

We are a customer-first, one-stop, integrated packaging solutions company, specializing in last-mile supply chain connectivity with bespoke packaging solutions since 1986. We are a one-stop shop for total packaging solutions.

We are performance oriented and solutions oriented. Our deep strengths and experience with our existing product range, design, development and supply chain management in protective packaging products has been acquired through partnering closely with our customers to meet their unique needs.

Why Choose Us?

Design Engineering

Many of our customers come to us with a ‘problem/ requirement’. Our technical expertise helps us in understanding our customer’s problem and we undertake design engineering to provide innovative solutions that specifically meet their goals.

JIT Inventory

By applying principles of Just in Time Inventory management we reduce our customer’s supply chain costs (working capital, storage & warehousing, shop-floor occupancy, etc.) while also ensuring that their demanding lead-times are met.

Supply Chain Simplification

With a wide range of products and custom offerings, we are a one stop solution for our customers packaging needs, thus reducing the complexities of working with multiple vendors for various needs, and thereby simplifying the supply chain for the customer.

What our Customers say