Container Optimisation


The customer is a leading manufacturer of digital transactional kiosks. The high costs of shipping containers and inefficient loading patterns was a key motivator in exploring solutions with SUPERPACKS that would help with better loadability, resulting in optimized business expenses.


The existing container loading process entailed using 2 way pallets of a certain dimension that only allowed for no more than 16 units to be packed per container, resulting in a higher number of containers that needed to be booked.


To reconfigure the loading pattern to enable a higher number of pallets that can be packed per container.


By reconfiguring both the size and loading orientation of the pallets required for each product, and conducting engineering tests for the revised solutions, we were able to design a more efficient loading system for each SKU.

4th project

The Result


Reduction in annual
container usage


 Million of annual savings


Increase in no. of units
per container

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